Saturday, December 15

A Witness to Your Life

One of our favourite movies as a couple to watch is 'The Story of Us', it is the story of a couple who get caught up in the humdrum of life and forget to pay attention to each other. Something many of us do all too easily. So why do I want to spend my life with one man? Most people don't these days, what is so special about him that makes me think there is no one better in the world for me than him and vice verse? He is my life witness, he has seen it all, the young woman blossoming into the lover, the wife resisting succumbing to the institution of marriage, the mother discovering the purity of unconditional love, the highs, the lows, the tragic mistakes, the victories, the joy of new life and the grief of losing it. He has been my witness for 25 years and I have been his. He has nursed me through the grief of loosing our daughter and now my dad. He doesn't always understand my emotions, in fact most of the time he has no idea what they even are, but nevertheless he bears witness to them. He remembers every single major event in my life, he knows what hurts me and what makes me happy. He has the ability to repeatedly make me fall in love with him year after year, even though sometimes it takes a year, but he is always successful because he never gives up. But mostly he remembers......
He does not however, remember all the little details that I do. That is why I love scrapbooking, because I can record the details in my albums and that gives the kids a sense of their own history until they find their own witness.

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