Friday, December 14

What's the Lesson

Is death a teacher? If so, what is the lesson and is the lesson for those that die or those left behind, or is it both? You hear so many people say, 'live each day as though it's your last'. How do you do that? What would you do if today where your last day on earth? I have thought about that a lot lately. For the most part we must continue to live our daily lives, go to work, school, cook dinner, clean the house, pay bills, all the usual stuff. So if that's what we have to do in order to live and function in society, then what would you do if you decided to live each day as though it were your last? I already tell my husband and my kids I love them each day, we show affection to each other, we are playful and spend time together. We eat dinner together every night and talk about our days. Don't get me wrong, I am not the perfect mother and wife, nor are we the perfect family, but I am pretty confident that we all know how we feel about each other, we know how very important our love for each other is.
So what would I do differently? Well that brings me to something interesting that happened to me tonight. We went to Futsal (indoor soccer) and my nephews play on Rory's (DS) team and Ian (DH) is the coach. Tonight I was sitting with my brother while we watched the boys play and we had the usual chat about how the kids are going etc, he had to leave in a hurry and as he turned to say goodbye, he said, 'see you later, love you', I automatically said, 'love you too' and then thought, oh my gosh, my brother said, he loved me. If you knew my brother, you'd know how big that was! He is so much like my Dad, he doesn't say stuff like that very often, but when he does, you just go WOW! My sister has also started saying, 'I love you', which is also surprising. I'm like my Mum and other brother, always say I love you before you hang up the phone or whenever you say goodbye. It's just what we do, it was not however, what Dad did, he rarely said it first, but when he did it made you smile and feel good. My brother had that same affect on me tonight and it was so nice. So I guess that has been the biggest change for me since Dad died, my brother and sister have started telling me they love me, WOW.
So back to my question, 'what would I do if today where my last on earth?' I think I should really make an effort to tell my brother and sister how I feel instead of waiting for them to tell me. When it's all over, that's what will matter and I really want them to know that I really do love them.
Of course, there is one more thing! If I knew today was my last day on earth I would cram as much scrapbooking into it as humanly possible, just so I could leave all there stories behind for them.

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