Sunday, December 16

Christmas Shopping

After much hard work by hubby and myself we have finished the Christmas shopping. All I have left to do is buy a gift for my Mum for her Christmas/Birthday (January 1) present. I had already decided to buy her a printer for her new laptop because her old one isn't working. So the hard part is done, the decision.
Why is it after saying we were not going to overspend this year on the kids we went out and did it anyway? This year Ian was as bad as me, maybe even worse, actually I think I can confidently say he was definitely worse than me. Which is unusual because it is usually the other way around! I have even wrapped all the presents and put them under the tree!
While we were out doing all this shopping my DD was home baking Christmas treats. She has made Marshmallow balls and Rocky Road, with some other stuff planned for later this week and next weekend. She will however, have to make the Marshmallow balls again because we all love them so much they never last long and then we whinge until she makes more. I love having a daughter who loves to make treats for our family. It is a tradition that I started doing years ago, I would make Christmas treats for Mum and Dad and proudly deliver them. I always made Rum Balls for my Dad because he loved them. I am not making them this year because it just wouldn't be the same without him here to enjoy them. I am however very proud that Annie is taking up this tradition and even making some treats for her BF, she started helping out a few years ago. Now she has treats that she will make and I have some that I will make. I think giving the gift of homemade gifts is such a lovely tradition. Check out our new Recipe Blog.

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