Tuesday, December 4

Grandma's Boobs

What do you do when your child (who is an adult) wants to do something you totally disagree with? You may understand why she wishes to do it, but you really wish she wouldn't! Do you wish she wouldn't because you disagree in some kind of moral way, or because you am worried about the outcome? I don't disagree with it morally, if she was a friend I'd say 'go for it'.
My beautiful daughter got her Grandma's boobs (husband's mother not mine), which is not much at all to say the least. Today she is going to see a Plastic Surgeon, now I did the research so I know he is a top surgeon in Brisbane and he is registered and all that. She is only going for a 'consultation' and her Daddy is so beside himself over it he insisted that I go with her, even though I did have other things planned for today. He is even paying for parking and petrol! If you knew him you'd know how big that was!
I have tried to talk her into waiting until after she's had kids, but no. She is one of those stubborn determined people that when she makes up her mind, that's it. I have no idea where she gets that from! So that is where I am going today. She seems to know all that questions to ask, such as, research says that smooth is 30-60% more likely to harden than rough, even though they feel more natural. Should I have tear drop shaped or round (apparently the more popular but less natural looking)?
Anyway, why can't your children see themselves through your eyes, just perfect the way your DNA created them!

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