Thursday, December 6


My friends are amongst my most valued relationships. Friends know just when to reach out to you, they hear something in your voice despite your best efforts to hide it. This happened to me last night. This particular friend is not someone I talk to everyday but I love spending time chatting with her on the phone when we can, we never run out of things to talk about.
Late yesterday afternoon she rang for a chat and I had just finished talking to my daughter in New Zealand, she was having a very bad day, the worst she's had so far, she has some serious home sickness happening and she has a medical condition that's giving her a lot of trouble over there. So naturally as a Mum I was feeling sad for her whilst telling her to pick herself up and brighten her attitude, you know, all the things you have to say sometimes even though all you want to do is just give them a big hug. I never mentioned this to my friend, we chatted about other things which was really nice too because it took my mind off things.
A few hours later this friend rang back to ask if I was ok because she heard the sadness in my voice, despite the fact that I thought I sounded perfectly normal. Anyway, I then got to talk about my daughter and how I was feeling and after that, I felt much better. A problem shared really is a problem halved! Thank you so much to that friend, it really did mean so much to me that you reached out just at that moment and I just want to let you know how much I value your friendship.
Speaking of freindship did anyone watch the premier episode of 'The Starter Wife' last night. It was great, a new summer show to watch.

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