Tuesday, December 18

Do They Know?

I was reading Sara Donati's blog last night. My DD had found it after just having read 'Into the Wilderness'. I was reading 'Into the Wilderness' when Dad died, I was in fact about 150 pages from the finish and I was loving it, it is such a fantastic book. It is the first in a series of 6 books, with the 6th book not yet published, well actually not yet finished. I wanted so badly to finish that book, I wanted to escape back into the lives of Elizabeth and Nathaniel so many times since then, just to try and reclaim something from my 'normal' life. Unfortunately every time I have picked it or any book up since Dad's death I have not been able to read. I have bought the entire series so far, and they call to me when I see them sitting on the book shelf! But the wonderful thing about them is that they will wait patiently for me, they are not going to leave or change they are going to put their story on hold until I am ready to join them.
I love to read, I have loved it since I was a child, from the time I discovered that reading a book for me is like watching a movie, I see their faces, their clothes, the landscapes. I remember books that I read as a child just as though it is a movie I'd watched, in fact for me it is the same. My memories of movies and books are the same. I think I was in my late 20s before I realised not everyone sees what I see, it's not a movie for everyone.
There really are no words to describe the joy I get from reading, it has been like a true friend over the years, allowing me to escape, relax or just give me pleasure. I have enjoyed so many stories, always stopping to wonder in awe at the mind that created the story for my personal enjoyment.
So right now I wish to take the time to say thank you from the millions of 'me's' worldwide, thank you for the hours of escape and pleasure that you have provided us, thank you for being their with me during my darkest hours and my brightest days. Thank you for your brilliance and your creativity, may your minds continue to flourish with stories of the past, the present and the future and may you always share your stories with us.

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