Thursday, December 20

2008 Reading List

Not being able to read these past few months has been terrible. I love reading and have always found it such a relaxing activity but since Dad died I just haven't been able to concentrate on reading. So I've decided that I will create a reading list for 2008. I will put it in the side bar and and tick it off when I've read the book.
Today a friend gave me 'My Steve' by Terri Irwin, a book that I have really been wanting to read, so I think I might start with that. Most of the other books on the list I already have so I have no excuses to get started and I can just keep adding to the list when I see something else I want to read. Although the 'Cross Stitch' series has 6 books and the 'Into the Wilderness' series has 5 books, so those alone will keep me busy.
Well there you go, that is about the only goal I think I am capable of setting for 2008. I do hope at the end of 2008 that I am able to look back on this blog and realise that I have gone on a journey and I have walked through the 'Valley of Death'.

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