Monday, December 24

Christmas Eve

When the girls where little we started the Christmas Tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Eve. Christmas day was spent running around visiting family and we never got to do anything with just 'us', so we started this tradition. We went to see 'Fred Claus' today and it was a good Christmas movie. Some years we don't see Christmas movies, it depends on what's on. I remember one year when the girls were little, we saw 'The Adams Family' and it gave the girls nightmares. As I look back I think it is funny to make such a big mistake as parents on Christmas Eve, but we were young and we really did do the best we could. Since then we have been much more careful in our choices.
But today we saw a nice movie with a good Christmas message! I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas with your family and make the most of being together. Take lots of photos because your photos become the treasures of your memories.
Merry Christmas Dad, I love you!

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