Wednesday, November 28

Buddy Love

This is the newest member of our family. We got him just after Dad died, well Kristianne did. He has provided endless amounts of love and amusement. Unfortunately he decided to heap that love on me at 5am with licks to my face because he was ready for play time.
He is a miniature Poodle and we called him Buddy because that is what Dad always called the boys. We make jokes that he is the first real dog that we've had because he likes nothing more than to play fetch or tug or just get chased around the house. He constantly gets into mischief and the house requires vacuuming much more often because he is always ripping up paper or something. It is just like having a baby because he is so much hard work.
However, we wouldn't have it any way because there is no limit to the Buddy Love he gives each one of us!

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