Friday, October 19

Vanilla Slice

2 sheets puff pastry
1 cup sugar
1 cup cornflower
1/3 cup custard powder
1 litre milk
60g butter
2 egg yolks
2 tsp vanilla essence
Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing

Bake sheets of puff pastry in hot oven until golden. Cool and flatten with hand. Line a 20 x 20 cm square cake pan with alfoil and place one sheet of puff pastry in bottom, trim if necessary. Combine sugar, cornflour and custard powder in saucepan: gradually stir in milk, stir until smooth. Add butter, stir until mixture boils, thickens and is smooth. Remove from heat, stir in egg yolks and vanilla. Pour hot custard over pastry, top with remaining pastry and press down. Refrigerate until cool. Mix drops of cochineal into the vanilla icing until desired pink colour is reached. Smooth over pastry and refrigerate for 4 hours.
Hope you enjoye today's entry, it is my favourite sweet and very easy to make!


  1. This is my favourite treat too! Alaine makes it so much better than I do. I will do a lot for a vanilla slice and it is the most wonderful comfort food that I think I have ever had!

  2. Alaine, thank you. This looks delicious.