Thursday, October 18

18th October, 2007

The next few weeks will be very busy, we have so many birthdays! My son Rory's, mine and my future son-in-law Troy's 21st. This photo is one of the cards I made for Troy. Then the following week I am going on Scrapbook camp! Can't wait to go away and spend a couple of days with Sheree, we always laugh so much when we go to scrapbook camp!

I am intending to do an album about my Dad, I really want to do it because I need to be sure that my eight year old doesn't forget him, he was his only Grandfather! Some have suggested that I wait until I feel better but I think it is best to do it while the pain is still so raw and the memories come so easily. I have so many happy memories of my father and I think scrapbooking is a great way to preserve them! Of all his children I have always thought that I am the most like him, I certainly have his temper LOL!

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