Tuesday, October 23

Birthday Shopping

Going out today to buy my son Rory's birthday presents, well the rest of them. He will be 12 on Friday. He wanted a mobile phone, that I've already bought and wants a couple of Playstation games and a mobile phone sock. I know he is 12 and doesn't really need a mobile but I like him to keep it in his bag when he goes to school just in case something happens. But the real reason and I know it is a pathetic one, is that I just didn't know what else to get him and he really wanted the phone. It's only prepaid so he can't run up a huge bill or anything like that so I figure there can be no real harm. That is the downside of being a younger child in a large family. He sees the things his older sisters have and wants them too!
I am also getting a haircut and getting photos printed so that I can start to get organised for scrapbook camp. Can't wait! I am even looking forward to going to the shopping centre which I haven't liked doing since my Dad passed away. In fact most trips have ended in me in a flood of tears. But today is different because I am going with Sheree so it will be fun and no doubt amusing.
It is a really busy week this week, Friday is Rory's birthday, Saturday is mine and Sunday we are having Troy's (Kylie's fiance) 21st birthday family get together. Our family will be meeting his family, we have only met one sister so far. There will be 2 beautiful babies here which will be fun. I am also looking forward to spending time with my sister and Sheree and having a glass or 2 or 3 or 4 of wine! We are going to have a BBQ which will be less stressful for me! All in all feeling pretty good today and a little happier than I have for a while!

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  1. Hot new haircut birthday girl! Do you know any of your prezzies yet? LOL