Monday, May 11

Speed Cleaning by Shannon Lush

The book Speed Cleaning by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming is the reason that I decided to start this challenge. Shannon has a new show that's started on cable TV in Australia called Lush House and in it she teaches people to de-clutter and how to speed clean. I'm going to put up tips from this book to help those of you that are de-cluttering like me.
Tip: Assemble all you need before you get started on your 15 minutes. Use a timer that has an alarm that goes off at the end of your 15 minutes. If you are doing cupboards in a room, make sure the room is tidy before you start, this will make it easier. Have a clear goal before you get started i.e. 2 draws or 1 shelf in cupboard etc. If possible try and do it every day around the same time, as this helps to develop the habit.

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  1. Hello, I did my first 15 minutes today and actually it felt really good thank you for such a fab idea and hope I keep it up. Thank you.