Sunday, May 10

I had a happy Mother's Day

My day started at 7am when Kristianne, Rory, Kenzie and Ian came in with a cup of tea and lots of presents. Kenzie made me a card at school and told me that his teacher made them do their best handwriting LOL. Then he wanted to know after I'd read all the cards if his was the best! He is the family clown that boy.
Presents: A Homemedics neck massager (it's fantastic and already my neck is feeling better), beautiful flowers, Play Station Sing Star Game - Queen, a charger for my IPod, Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole, Fever by Christine Feehan, Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan, a $50 gift certificate for QBD (book shop), a beautiful big jumper, The Stepford Wives on DVD, a singlet top, Twilight key rings, 3 pairs bonds bed socks, 2 boomerang pillows, 3 scrapbook magazines, a canister set for tea and sugar, a box of scorched almonds and a voucher to get a pedicure. I know I've forgotten something but can't remember what it is. I am so very lucky because I was very spoiled.
Then we went to Kylie and Troy's for a beautiful and delicious breakfast. Kylie also made cup cakes for us to bring home and a strawberry cheesecake (didn't get a photo cause we started eating it before I got the chance LOL). Kylie had to go to work today so breakfast was the only time we could see them. She went to so much trouble to make everything look lovely and special (see photos above). We came home after breakfast and had a sleep and then we watched Stepford Wives. Then late this afternoon Kristianne helped me re-organise my bookcase, to make more room. Now I'm sitting here after the boys have gone to bed while Kristianne and I watch The Other Boleyn Girl on Foxtel. What a perfect way to end a perfect day!

I am a very lucky woman to have such wonderful children and a thoughtful and loving husband. Kristianne wrote a beautiful post on her blog that made me cry and today everyone did their best to make me feel special and it reminded me how lucky I am. Although I didn't see my Mum today she is coming up to stay with us for a few days this week.

To all the Mum's out there I hope you had a lovely day with your family and that you felt as special as I did.


  1. Wow - looks like you had a really fantastic day - enjoy the rest of Mothers day.

  2. Who's a lucky girl then??? I nearly died when Rory walked in the other night.....what are you FEEDING that boy????

  3. Kjirsten, I know, he's as tall as me now. Won't be long before he's taller than Ian. He's going to be my tall boy LOL. At parent/teacher last week a few of the parents asked me if he was in Grade 10.

  4. Beautiful photo of everyone! Glad you had such a perfect day xx

  5. wow, you were indeed spoiled. Sounds like you had a lovely day. It's nice to feel loved and appreciated.