Saturday, May 9

15 Minute Challenge Update

Have you started the challenge? How did you go this week? I have to be honest and admit that I didn't do the cupboard that I planned on doing. I did do other things that needed to be done, such as organising my laundry to use the Speed Cleaning system in the book. I also made my bed everyday just so that I could set the tone. Yes, I'm admitting that I don't always make my bed, shock and horror, my mother would be horrified! But I made it every day this week, I also got some big bags that I can use when I do my wardrobe and I have already put a few things in them that don't fit the kids as I was folding washing this week. I have two boys who will just wear whatever they grab out of the cupboard and if it's a little on the small side, oh well! So I started removing things from the washing. Getting prepared this week was a good exercise because I'm actually excited about doing my wardrobe.

Okay, here is a little catch up on how everyone is doing so far:
Kjirsten has put up her first challenge post. Check it out here. Kjirsten is exercising for her challenge.

Wendy has also put up her challenge post and she is going to read to her kids which I think is wonderful. Check it out here.

Sheree has done a fantastic job this week and made huge progress in her challenge. Check out her post here. Sheree is de-cluttering for her challenge.
Scrap Girl has put up her first post here is and also de-cluttering her cupboards and draws, just like me.

Deanna is spring cleaning for her challenge, check it out here and she is also following Simple Mom which has some great ideas if you are cleaning or de-cluttering so go and have a look at that one as well.

Debi has created a blog especially for this challenge, which I think is fantastic and commitment, check it out here. Debi is also de-cluttering.

Well I think that is everyone who's put up there first post. I have visited all of your blogs to see how you're going and I will do that every week and I'll put up a weekly progress post. Don't forget to leave a comment when you've put up a post about the challenge. This week I will start posting tips from Speed Cleaning and I will put up a give-away that will be drawn half way through the challenge. Good luck and let us know what you're plan for this week. Go check out everyone's blogs and cheer them on, become a follower so it's easy to support each other.

Blog Tip: Did you know that if you are logged into blogger there is a new button at the top between 'flag blog' and 'next blog' that says 'follow blog' it automatically makes you a follower and add the blog to your google reader.


  1. I am presently trying to compile a list for the next seven days - is that organised or what!

  2. Scrap Girl that's great! Can't wait to see it. I do think the key to success is having a weekly plan.

  3. Oh great update, I'm off to check out everyone's progress!

    BTW this is THE best banner ever, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Alaine- I forgot!! but I just wrote it down to de-clutter for 15 minutes in my scrap room. I'll post tomorrow for sure!! with pictures too!!!

  5. I have been following all your challenge updates with interest and love that you are all getting things done! I had hoped to start on mine this weekend but ended up out of the house almost the entire time so nothing significant got done. I am wanting to declutter too, I have certain "pockets" in my house that are clutter zones. I've got a bunch of cupboards full of craft stuff from years ago that I have been putting off decluttering as I know it will be a big and emotional job to let go of some of that stuff! Ok, lets see what next weekend brings.

  6. Don't worry Lisa, I know that you have very limited time. Let us know what you get done, when you start! Aren't you going overseas soon?