Thursday, January 1

Reading Challenges

As well as scrapbooking and card-making I love to read. Below is a list of reading challenges I found for you to check out if you are interested.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - this is a great little challenge that only rung until March 31st. You must read 3 historical books set up to World War 2.

Books vs Movies Challenge - read 6 books and watch the movie for each book in 2009. You must write a review and post it or join Goodreads to be eligible for prizes.

The Year of Readers - this reading challenge is about donating your time and money so that you raise money for Book Charities.

Serial Readers Challenge 2009 - this reading challenge is to read as many series as you can in 2009. This one is great for those of us who have a few series sitting on our shelves to read.

2009 TBR Challenge - This one is a nice easy one. Choose 12 books that have been in your To Be Read pile for more than six months and read one a month. You are even allowed to have a back up for each month just in case they don't grab you. Sounds like a nice easy one!

In Their Shoes - this challenge is to read as many memoirs, autobiographies or biographies as you want.

The 999 Challenge - for this challenge you have to read 9 books from 9 categories of your choice and as an added challenge you have to try and have it finished by 9/9/09. This is a great challenge to help you get through your TBR pile.

Well Seasoned Reader Challenge - this one is a nice quick one, it finished on March 31st and you only have to read 3 books. The idea is to read books related to food or travel, it's more complicated than that but I love the idea. You should definitely go and check it out.

First in a Series 2009 - read 12 first in a series books by any author and any genre. There is also a second challenge to read a second book by an author you've previously read. For those of you who love series this one would be great.

2009 Suspense and Thriller Challenge - read 12 different sub-genres of thrillers in 2009.

War Through the Generations Challenge - for this challenge you have to read 5 books set in WW11, they can be either fiction or non-fiction. A good challenge to expand your horizons!

2009 Mini Challenges - if you are looking to extend yourself then this is the challenge for you. It involves more than just reading fiction. Looks like a lot of fun.

Books into Movies Challenge - this is a nice easy one, you have to read 2 books that have been made into movies and then watch the movie or books that relate to the television show Murder She Wrote.

There are hundreds of reading challenges out there so go find one and start reading in 2009. Reading challenges are a fun way to keep you motivated.


  1. Thanks for the research Alaine, checked out a couple and thought I might do the suspense/thriller challenge, and the book into movie challenge. Should do the TBR challenge too but I won't get carried away. LOL

  2. Thanks for mentioning our WWII challenge at War Through the Generations. If you're interested, we'd love to have you join us.

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