Sunday, December 14

Surprising Phone Call

Last night I got a phone call from my biological father. Mum had organised for him to call me on Tuesday night because he is coming to Brisbane and wants to meet me but thought it would be better if we spoke on the phone first. I'm still in shock, I just can't believe I've spoken to him. Anyway he just couldn't wait and decided to ring me last night instead.
We talked for over an hour and the conversation was relatively easy, he has a lovely voice and sounds like a gentle man. He said he can't wait to meet me and will be in Brisbane for a month and wants to get to know me while he is here. He also wants me to meet his family, well one of his sons anyway and some of his wife's relatives. He said he has things to explain to me and he wants to help me understand why he did the things he did 'back then'. I talked to him about things that I don't even talk to Mum about, which amazed me. Actually I think I'm still in shock, I just can't believe all this is happening. It's an amazing thing to know that someone who you don't remember has loved you your whole life and you didn't even know it. So it looks like me and my family will be meeting him next weekend. Which will be truly amazing, I'm so nervous and excited and terrified all at the same time.
No one could have told me that while this year started out with the loss of my Dad still so fresh and raw it would end with me meeting my biological father. It truly just blows me away and one of the bizarre things is that he understands my feelings about being adopted because he was adopted also, so he gets all the difficulties that causes. WOW....