Monday, December 1

25 Days Until Christmas

I put up the Christmas tree yesterday afternoon and got all the Christmas cards written up. I've only done a small amount of shopping but that's no big deal, Ian and I will do it all in one day a weekend or two before Christmas. As well as that I've planned the Christmas day menu so I don't feel like I have to stress about it all now. We usually put the tree up on December 1st but it's a school day and soccer night.
Anyway it's lucky I got it done because I have to take Rory to the Doctors, his entire thumb is black and swollen from a soccer game on Friday night. The usual remedies haven't helped so we'd better get it checked, I'm not worried about it being broken because there is nothing they can do about that, it's more that it may be dislocated. He can't move it at all and the pain doesn't seem to be easing. So that's my day for today!

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