Thursday, October 16

Sigh of Relief

Today Ian had to go and have a stress test to see how his heart was functioning. The reason he had to have the test was because he has been having heart pain for a while. I don't know how long but I know it's more than a year, maybe two, he said. I only found out about the pain last week. Whilst I sat in the waiting room, worry until I ended up with a severe tension headache he sweated away on the walking machine. Why was I so worried, well apart from the fact that my Dad dropped dead from a heart attack just over a year ago, Ian announced at the dinner table last week that 1 in 10,000 die whilst having this test and 3 in 10,000 have a major heart attack. So whilst in my heart I really did knew he'd be fine, my head kept hearing all those voice that tell you your world can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye, but then I heard him laugh. Those of you that know him will know what I'm talking about, it was a sweet sound today. Well the good news is that his heart is functioning normally, so that means the blood flow through the major vessels is good.
Tomorrow Ian and the boys are going camping with Neil and Callum to Tallebudgera. While the boys are off camping Sheree and I are having our own little scrapbook camp. We are both looking forward to it. Well I have to go back to packing because I really need to get my scrap stuff organised so I can get heaps done.

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