Tuesday, October 28

A Sad Goodbye

Ian was asleep and I was watching 'All Saints' when Kylie came in and said someone was knocking at the door. It was the lady from the house diagonally behind us. She told me our cat had been hurt by her dogs. She was crying and very upset, she was covered in blood so I knew it wasn't going to be good.
Her dogs ripped 'Bubbles' to pieces, thankfully she was dead by the time Ian got there. They are horrible dogs and often turn on each other. Anyone who comes to our house knows about the dogs because they go crazy everytime the boys go into the yard to play soccer.
Bubbles was a strange cat! I got her for my 40th birthday 4 years ago yesterday. She was a beautiful ball of fluff, but being a Persian she didn't like to be held and she occasionally tolerated patting. Today she was lying in the hallway and growled at me when I walked past her, I just rolled my eyes and giggled. Sometimes when I walked past her she'd start purring. She really was a strange cat. Rory is very upset and very concerned about Kenzie because Kenzie loved Bubbles. He didn't care that when he nursed her she made that scary noise, he just loved her. Kenzie is away at school camp which is a small blessing because I wouldn't have wanted him to know what happened to her or have seen her.
So we are all feeling pretty sad right now and it is made so much worse by the way she died, so cruel!


  1. I like this photo. It pretty much summed her up. Check the look on her face! I like to think that Buddy is out of the frame barking at her to move so he can fetch the ball and Bubbles is sitting there with it inbetween her paws just to torment him. Dad was right, they were like Garfield and Oddi. I just can't believe she suffered such a horrible death. Dad was so brave to go get her.

  2. She is the third pet we've lost at this house. We lost Rory's bird and then Ally died and now Bubbles :(

  3. OMG !!! Is she going to do something about her dogs??? What happens if they ever get out and eat someones kid??? I'd be ringing the council.

  4. The couple that live there are quite elderly and I worry about the dogs turning on them as well. I was thinking I would ring the council and ask about it.

  5. I was so sad for you all when Annie told me about Bubbles. It was a horrific way for poor Bubbles to die and I know it will be very difficult for you to tell Kenzie when he comes home from camp. I remember you getting Bubbles at Auckland St & how she used to rub up against my legs and how it freaked me out; (not because I don't like cats but because it gives me a feeling like nails down a blackboard, don't ask me why.)

    Bubbles can roam till her hearts content now

  6. RIP Bubbles :-( I'm sure she will be with Ally at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for their precious owners to meet them there when the time is right.

    I hope something is done about those dogs. They certainly don't need killing machines like that in the suburbs.