Sunday, October 26

Happy 13th Birthday Rory

Everybody says time flies and it's true, but never is it truer than when you're celebrating your child's birthday. Today the son that we never even thought we'd have is 13. Of course like all children he is special and unique but this boy has a heart of gold. He is gently and kind and can be very tender. Now I know from experience that most of these qualities will be buried deep beneath the surface as he embarks on his journey into adulthood. He started puberty a year ago and can get quite moody but I hope at the conclusion of his journey he will be the same loving man that was the boy.
Rory, you have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives, you are the only person in the world who can tickle me and make me laugh, you sometimes just come and sit with me, needing no words. The year after your Grandfather died you just let me be and had a wisdom beyond your years that I just needed time to heal. You and your Dad have a fantastic relationship which makes me so proud but you still need to come and talk to me every now and then and that makes me feel special. I have loved watching you grow from a baby to a boy and now I will watch you grow from a boy to a man. Good luck, may your journey be an easy one and may you always find your way home as you explore the world of adulthood. Love Always Mum xoxo

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  1. Happy Birthday, Rory and happy birthday to your mum, too.

    From Vicki and all the boys xxxxxxx