Friday, September 5

Here Comes The Bride

Today my beautiful daughter will walk down the isle and be joined in marriage to Troy. I can't believe how she has grown up, I still remember bringing her home from the hospital. Ian wanted a son as most men do, but I secretly hoped for another daughter and was delighted when she was born. Up until now I have been the main witness to her life, now I will hand over that role to another. I watched her grow up, I still remember her first birthday, I took a photo of her sitting on Poppy's knee while he bounced her up and down and she squealed with delight. I watched her learn to walk and talk, play Barbies, take care of her dolls, start school, find friends and get her first job, which included getting up at 3am.
I always knew she'd be a one man woman and I was right, she met Troy, fell in love and a year later got engaged, now another year later she's marrying him. They will have their ups and downs like any other couple, but they are passionately in love, and I know from experience that, that will get them through the many trials of marriage.
Troy has become an important part of our family and we love him like he is our son. He looks to us as parents because he doesn't have parents, his Dad died when he was a baby and he is completely estranged from his Mother. He fits right into our family and we enjoy having him around, he amuses us with stories he never runs out of and he has learned to share and contribute to the family. We are very proud of them both!


  1. Hi Alaine,

    Hope you all have a wonderful day celerbrating!!! this special time

  2. Have a lovely day. Congratulations to the bride and groom, cheers Kjirsten xox