Wednesday, September 3

Goodbye Mrs Bichel

My son Mackenzie's Grade 4 teacher is leaving on Friday. We only found out last week and they have been told she is going on an overseas holiday. It was very sudden and my only hope is that she really is going on a holiday and that she's not sick. Kenzie cried because he will be away for her last day on Friday because he will be at Kylie's Wedding. The class is having a picnic on the oval and he thought he would miss all the fun. So I sent a letter along with him asking her if he could take cup cakes to school today because this is his last day with her. She said that would be great and so he proudly went off today with all his goodies. Whilst this was the last thing I needed to spend time on this week, it was really important to make him happy. I want him to know that he is not forgotten during this busy time for our family.

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