Sunday, August 3

Happy Birthday Dad!

I took this photo of you and Mum on your 39th birthday. We threw you and surprise party and teased you endlessly making you think we were going to have a stripper there. We did have a stripper, it was your best mate dressed up just to tease the hell out of you. It was really funny and you had a great time and I think you felt very loved. I love this photo, it always reminds me of the love that you and Mum have for each other.

Today you would have been 62, you should still be here with us. It seems so unfair that you're not, Mum can't live without you and at the moment it seems like the whole family has fallen apart without you. The last time I heard your voice was one year ago today, the last time I said 'I love you' and you said 'I love you' was one year ago today. How I long to hear your voice! Happy birthday Dad, I love you!

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