Thursday, July 17

Out With The Old

As you know I have been moving around, cleaning and tidying my scraproom. Unfortunately I got Ian's virus and haven't felt like doing much the last couple of days. So I have been photographing all the stuff I had in my 'don't want it' box of scrapbook stuff and listing it all on eBay which is something I've been talking about for 2 years. So after listing 84 items I am feeling very pleased with myself and trying really hard not to think about having to post them all. I listed most of them for 10 days so that the auctions won't be finished until after Kylie's Bridal Shower. My goal apart from getting rid of stuff I don't want is to make enough money to pay for my next scrapbook camp which is $160, petrol will be around $40 (maybe more at the rate the price is going up) and then some spending money which is of course used to buy more scrapbooking stuff LOL.
I have about 4 hours more work to do to finish my scraproom and I'll hopefully get some of that done tomorrow and the rest Saturday morning. Ian is going to take both the boys to their soccer game and told me I should stay home so maybe I'll feel up to getting it finished. Actually I have to get it finished it's driving me crazy. When it's done I'll put up the before and after photo!

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