Tuesday, July 15

Heat Wave

It's the middle of Winter and I am running an air conditioner. Last week we were freezing cold and this week it's humid and hot. I just got back from buying my 12 year old son a new pair of flippers (shoes that are so big they should be flippers) and noticed all the summer clothes are coming out. The worst of it is that you could buy them and wear them right now. I hope this doesn't mean we are in for a sweltering summer.
Had a great session with my psychologist today, we talked about what we've done in my sessions so far and what I'd still like to do. It's really helpful to see how far you've come when going through this process.
Well I started moving my scraproom around on Sunday, went out and bought and couple of shelving units, moved Annie's desk out (always new I'd get her out eventually LOL), now there is much more room. Unfortunately you still can't move in the hall way or lounge because that is where all the stuff I've still got no idea what to do with is. I have filled a large crate with stuff to sell on EBay, but I still have to go through all my paper. So far I have about 30 pizza boxes full of Bazzill and patterned paper and I'd be guessing I have another 20 yet to go through. What I'm going to do is fill up pizza boxes and sell them on EBay as well. It's not that I don't want it or I won't use it eventually, it's just that I always love all the latest papers and I keep buying them. So I'll get rid of my older papers. I'm hoping I can sell enough stuff on EBay to pay for my next scrapbook camp. I will try and get the rest of it finished tomorrow and then I'll photograph the stuff I want to sell on Thursday, then maybe on the weekend I can start putting it up on EBay. The best part of all this is that Kristianne and Sheree will be able to scrapbook in my room with me because I have two spaces at the desk. So after Kylie's Bridal Shower next weekend you should see a lot more scrapping on this site!
Well I'm off to do Kylie and Troy's tax using Etax! Lucky me, at least Ky is going to cook dinner for me!

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