Tuesday, July 8


We've seen 2 movies so far this week and counting. Sunday we all went to see Hancock, which we all loved and then today it was Kung Fu Panda which Kenzie loved! Rory and I, not so much, in fact I could have easily fallen asleep. This is when I miss having little girls to take to see princess movies! We are hoping to see Get Smart later in the week with Ian and we have a bowling trip planned for sometime on the weekend. The girls and I are also hoping to see Mama Mia on the weekend. So busy, busy, hey, did I mention the car broke down when we got to the movies. I just rang the mechanic and he said it has something to do with the on board computer and shouldn't take long to fix. The boys and I caught a taxi home and will have the car taken to the mechanic when Ian gets home from work. What an eventful morning.
I finished the next two cards for Tamara's Card Design team so I might be able to start rearranging my scraproom later in the week. I'm really in the mood for scrapping but I really want to get my room done as well. If you could see it you'd know I can't do both. The card here is Sketch 52 that will go up on the site tonight. I made it for Sheree, her daughter would have been 18 today if she'd lived.

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  1. My best friend, I could not have got thru the last year without you. You have brought me comfort, tears, laughter, love and Taleah bear. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I love you HEAPS!
    If I take a photo of my beautiful bear in memory of Taleah will you put it on your blog?? (since I dont have one LOL)