Tuesday, June 3


In January this year I was diagnosed with 'severe depression and anxiety', which came as a shock, I obviously knew I was depressed I just didn't know it was that bad. More recently I was told I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also a shock. Since then I spend all my spare time and then some in my bedroom either reading or watching TV or doing lots of sleeping, not because of the diagnosis but that is where I feel safe (I know it sounds strange). More recently I have begun listening to audio books. Reading and listening to the audio books has really helped take my mind off the things.
While watching Sunrise yesterday morning the host Mel announced that she was going to Europe again to take hand knitted items to orphanages and abandoned children. It is called Guardian Angels Knitting. I love knitting and I thought since I spend so much time in bed it would be good to start knitting for a cause. So I went and got some pure wool (has to be pure wool because it is the only thing warm enough) and started knitting a size 2 pink pullover. It makes me feel good to be doing something useful.

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