Monday, May 26

Welcome Home to the Lady of the House

Why is it that when you go away for a few days nothing gets done! I came home last night to the Sunday roast that Ian always cooks, that is his main contribution to the household and I'm not complaining about that he is not lazy and will often vacuum or tidy up because he can see it needs doing. But this weekend, despite the fact that I left the house clean and even cooked dinner for them before I left, no one did anything except make a mess. Then to make matters worse they announced that I forgot to get tablets for the dishwasher when I rushed out to do the shopping for them before I left and that meant we didn't have any. When I asked them if they went and got them, they looked at me blankly and said no. Now what is with that? Why aren't they capable of going out and getting tablets for the dishwasher? I might mention at this point that they didn't do the dishes the old fashion way either, they just filled the dishwasher and left the rest in the sink and around the benches. Fortunately for them my back is too painful for me to have the energy to get cranky with them all. Well that's my whinge over!
Scrapbook camp on the other hand was great as usual. It was lovely to have Kristianne with us and she had two Mums to help her and that she had to make cups of tea for. It was a lot of fun to do three layouts with Sheree. We did exactly the same layout with different photos, except for one, which was the layout of our boys together, it was so much easier because we combined ideas and it was a much better result in the end. Next time we might attempt a mini album or something like that. Saturday night after dinner we had a live show by a couple of musicians and the entertainment was fantastic and then we played Sing Star on Playstation, well not everyone did, just those who wanted to join in, which of course was us. All in all another great camp and I can't wait until we go again in October because then I will have lots of wedding photos of Kylie's to scrapbook.

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