Saturday, March 22

Oh Henry!

I couldn't help myself, I'm back at the Tudor Court with Henry VIII, I just found someone else to take me there. Well to be precise, I am with his last wife Katherine Par, who was married at least twice that I know of and I certainly can't imagine how she ends up marrying him. This latest read is 'The Last Wife of Henry VIII' by Carolly Erickson and it is a great read. Carolly is no Philippa Gregory but this book is moving quickly along and certainly keeping my interest without any difficulty at all. In fact I will definitely be buying more of her books. I was worried about reading another Tudor novel written by someone who is not Philippa Gregory, but I guess I am so used to being in their world that I can read it without any effort and Carolly certainly allows me to do that. There are some minor differences of course, but none that have bothered me too much, well accept that she said that Mary Boleyn had a half wit son to King Henry. But that is a small thing so I forgave her for saying it.It is a small book with only 326 pages so I will probably get it finished today. Although I've promised my daughters that I will scrapbook with them today.

Last night I made Vanilla Slices and Strawberry Cheesecake which I dreamt I got up and had a piece of through the night, so I guess I will be eating some for breakfast.

If you like historical fiction then there is a challenge to read six in six months at this website so go over and join and you get to put a really hot picture of Henry VIII on your blog. It starts on April 1 and my first book will be Pride and Prejudice, I have never read any of the classics (well except maybe in High School but that doesn't count because I don't remember them) but decided since it is my favourite movie I should finally read the book. Actually I should check that it qualifies, it is not technically a history novel because it is set in the authors time period.

So, speaking of movies and books, last night I watched a movie called 'Angel Falls' a movie about a book of the same name by Nora Roberts. I was really impressed with how well the movie actually followed the book, very unusual. But, yes unfortunately there is a but, Heather Locklear played the lead role of Rhys. Now Rhys is only supposed to be around 27 if memory serves and whilst Heather Locklear with a perfectly unlined face looks young, her face also looks entirely plastic. So therefore is unconvincing in the role. I don't know who on earth decided she could play a 27 year old woman but some ridiculous man in Hollywood. Really, they should get out into the real world sometime and see what beautiful woman look like at that age, they certainly don't look plastic. I mean who are they kidding and who do they think will watch these movies and be convinced that this is a young woman. Certainly not readers of the book, I am so sick of seeing plastic woman on TV. I used to be a fan of The Bold and the Beautiful but can hardly stand to watch it anymore because Hunter Tylo who plays Taylor also looks plastic, which is such a shame because up until she did that I would have said she was the most beautiful woman on television (even though I'm a Brooke fan). Now she looks hideous!

Well I think I should stop now before you think your at the Reading, Writing and Ranting blog.PS Kristianne by the end of today I will be on 10, count them 10, so that means I am still 4 ahead of you. Love you baby!


  1. If you like Tudors you should read Jean Plaidy. That is how I fell in love with the Tudors. It all started when I read Mary, Queen of France. Yes, I have read Philippa Gregory. Love The Other Boylen Girl. I am know reading Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir. It is about Lady Jane Grey. My list keeps growing.

  2. I have a just bought Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy and am waiting on Katherine by Anya Seton. I have got quite a collection of historical books. So my list to read is long. Let me know what you think of Innocent Traitor when you are finished it.

  3. I enjoyed Innocent Traitor. It is another chapter in the Tudor Tales. I definitely would recommend it. I have Victoria Victorious. I plan on reading it for the Royalty Rules Challenge. Katherine is also on my reading list.