Friday, March 7

It's Friday

This is the card I made for my friend a couple of days ago when there was just nothing else I could do.
Today I am feeling better and I am coping again. It was a very strange experience, it really felt like it was happening to me, I kept telling myself I was being rediculous and that this wasn't happening to me, but I couldn't stop it. For 2 days all I could see and feel was my Dad's funeral and the shock and emotional pain of that first week. Today, I feel normal, I am of course, just as concerned for my friend and her family but it doesn't feel like it's happening to me all over again. I know that it is normal for grief to come up and grab you when you are least expecting it, my eldest daughter had exactly the same reaction. The grief is still so fresh and I understand that it will always come up in situations such as these but it is difficult when it is happening to someone you love so much.
I guess that the relief now is that I know I am strong enough to help her just as she helped me. I certainly feel qualified after having been through it so recently. Yesterday she rang and told me that it has been confirmed that her Mum has melanoma in her brain and both lungs. So this is going to be a long and difficult road ahead for them all over the next few months. There is very little one can do to help except be there! My love and prayers go out to them all!

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