Saturday, March 15

The Constant Princess

In keeping with the competition rules for the 'Great Book off' I am doing a blog entry on my latest book.
So, it is of course another Philippa Gregory novel. This one is about Queen Katherine of Aragon, Henry the VIII's first wife. The best thing about Philippa Gregory is that she takes a historical figure and turns them into a real person who has lived a real life. When I read The Other Boleyn Girl I had a great deal of sympathy for Katherine of Aragon but you get a mucher fuller understanding of her in this book. I loved the unexpected twist and turns and it was a page turner. You can expect it to take around 100 pages to get into the book and by the time you are half way through it you won't be able to put it down. So enjoy!
As for The Other Boleyn Girl movie, I have waited a few days to blog about it because I don't want to say anything bad. It was good but as with any great book it didn't translate well to the silver screen. Having said that, I will go and see it again as soon as I get a chance!
Well now, back to my next book, another Philippa Gregory novel, of course, 'The Boleyn Inheritance'.

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