Saturday, December 8

$600 in Frozen Food - Gone!

Sometimes the beauty of a blog read by other people is that you get to share your gripes. I have been getting Chrisco and Castle hampers for several years now. My family love them and I love them because it saves the huge shop I used to have to do the week of Christmas. Up until I have had no complaints, hampers are great, delivered on time, no fuss, fantastic.
This year I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering a Chest freezer. I did this because my up-right freezer is too old and often the door pops open. I was promised the freezer would arrive before my hampers so I paid my money every week and thought everything would be fine. As the date approached for my hamper delivery I decided to ring to find out when my freezer would arrive. To cut a very, very long story short the freezer did not arrive. In fact the freezer still hasn't arrived and despite being told that it will be here by the 12th which is next Wednesday, I still haven't heard from the Courier Company, even though I was assured I would. Well I just discovered that the old freezer door popped open again and now the entire contents of the freezer has completely defrosted. The last time anyone went to the freezer was yesterday afternoon to put a couple of groceries in it. So it's gone and I am so angry because none of this would have happened if only this company had done what they promised. This whole experience has been so frustrating, trying to get someone to help me has been a nightmare, I have been abused by supervisors and treated with disdain by uncaring telephone operators. It has seen me in tears on several occasions. Now all the Christmas treats are gone, 3 shelves of deserts, ice-cream and ice blocks, 2 shelves of roasts including a leg ham and even my sons ice-cream cake for his birthday.
The moral of this story is that I will never recommend Castle Hampers to anyone again. When companies get to big they stop caring about their customers!

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