Tuesday, November 13

I'm OK

Today is the 3 month anniversary of my father's death. As I sit here in my bed this morning I know I can make a choice today, I can choose to remember the pain that I suffered that day or I can choose to remember good memories of my dad. When all is said and done I am the cup's half full kind of person so I think I'll just go with the nice memories. Love you Dad!
Yesterday I went to a Stampin Up party. Had a nice time, and it was nice to catch up with Peta, it has been a while. Bought some great stamps so I can't wait to use them. In fact I was so happy to be going that I forgot to turn off my headlights and when Sheree and I went to leave my battery was flat :( Finally got home around 4pm and my wonderful husband had done all the housework for me! I was a little upset over a family situation yesterday morning and spent some time on the phone to Ian (husband) before I left and didn't get anything done, but it was worth it because he said all the right things and I felt much better afterwards. Of course, I didn't expect to be out all day, but would have had to stop talking to be able to leave sooner.
Well I had better get out of bed and get my day started, I have to get the boys lunches, do some housework and then I want to do some more tidying up in my scraprooom, I am kind of hoping that Kristianne will take all her books out of her desk (currently home for my Cricut machine) so that I can store more scrapbooking stuff. I think she has finally realised that she's not getting back in there LOL. I also have a few cards to make for a Christmas card swap. So busy, busy!

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  1. HEY! This is not fair. I love that desk like a child. It is not home of the cricut machine! As for me realising I'm not getting back in there, you have until February Missy. Because when uni starts back I will need that space back to study. So there :-P

    And where else do you expect me to put my books? My bookcase is full and so is my nightstand. And YES I DO need all those books. They too are like my children.