Sunday, November 11


Well it took a while, I did come back from scrapbook camp, didn't stay there for a week although that would be fun! When I got back the internet was down and then when it got back up I was sick and didn't feel like doing much!
This was the most productive I have ever been at a scrapbook camp and I think the most fun, I completed 8 layouts and made 10 cards, that must be some kind of record. I got 4 pages completed for Dad's album so I was pleased with that, it was difficult so I decided to scrap some other stuff as well. I have put all the stuff up on Flicka so if you'd like to see them check the link on this page! It was really nice to leave everything behind and be with friends that made me laugh, Sheree always makes me laugh and her sister Narelle has a very cheeky sense of humour and I thoroughly enjoyed giving back as good as I got. It was really nice and I look forward to going again in February. Although hopefully we'll get a few scrap days in before then.
I spoke to Mum yesterday and it seems that no matter how hard I try I never say the right thing to her. I can spend hours trying to think of something to say that will offer her some comfort, but no matter how hard I try nothing is ever right. I feel as though I am watching her die a slow and extremely painful death and I wonder if she will ever have the ability to live again. All she wants to do is go and be with Dad! How do you cope with that? I never knew how difficult this would be, it's bad enough to lose a parent but then you have to watch the other parent suffer and nothing you do is right or is any comfort at all. You end up feeling as though you lost both parents. I just hope she comes back to us because the idea of her spending the rest of her life like this is just unbearable!

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