Tuesday, October 30

Best Laid Plans

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans! The day was ok and thankfully Troy didn't seem to notice but all of the women spent the whole time looking after Mum. She was a mess, a real mess. She cried from the moment she arrived until the moment she left. If I am to be completely honest it was pretty awful. We just seemed to be unable to console her. It was the first family event since Dad died and the last family event we had was here, so it was a stark reminder of what was missing.
On a special note she gave me the last of the small ceramic Dragonfly's that her and Dad made and a beautiful card. Mum and Dad loved Dragonflys, they loved to sit and watch them. So it was one of the last things they made and I will treasure it forever! Thanks to Dad for reaching out through Mum and letting me know that I am still his 'little girl'. I really needed that!

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