Thursday, May 21

Scrapbook Camp

Sheree and I are off to scrapbook camp tomorrow at Daisy Chain scrapbook shop. This scrapbook camp is different from most in that we spend the weekend scrapbooking at the shop and we go to the motel to sleep, the little of it we do. The food is delicious, the shop is full of lots of gorgeous products to buy and use, the company is fantastic and the laughs are non stop. This weekend away, that we have a couple of times a year rejuvenates us in a way that nothing else does.

It takes a lot of work to get organised to go on camp. I have to pack my scrapbook stuff, get photos printed, pack clothes, load up IPod with audio books, clean the house, do the grocery shopping and make sure there are uniforms washing for the beginning of next week. Sometimes getting ready for camp is like running up hill, but by the time we arrive and relax and soon the laughter starts and it's all worthwhile!

So whatever you're doing this weekend I hope you laugh as much we are going to. Come back next week so you can see my layouts.
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