Sunday, March 29

The Special Two

In another week I will renew my vows to the man I committed my life to 25 years ago. I've spent a lot of time thinking about the things that I want to say to him during the ceremony. The only problem is that everytime I think about the words I get overwhelmed with emotion and start crying. Don't know how I'm going to manage looking into his eyes and saying these things on the actual day.

I have been a lucky woman, this man has been a wonderful husband who loves me more today than he did the day we married and I know this because he tells me. I know that I am without a doubt the most important person in his life and there is nothing he wouldn't do for me, he has treasured me, supported me, he has been there for me through the birth of five babies, the death of our baby daughter and the sudden and unexpected death of my Dad. Every single good thing in my life is because of him and for that I am so grateful. We have four amazing children and a wonderful son-in-law and this family that we created together is what keeps us happy and motivated through the storms of life.

Whilst most people wouldn't know this about him he is a very romantic man albeit in private and after 25 years of being together I know that he would still choose me to spend his life with and I with him. Isn't that amazing, to know that you married the right person and wouldn't change a thing? It makes me feel so lucky. Our love and passion for each other is stronger then ever. We've had our lifetime together, now we will commit to each other for eternity! We always new ours was one of the great loves! Whilst my Dad won't be there this time, I know he'll be watching over us, just as proud he was that day and with the same tear in his eyes. Only this time it won't be because his daughter will be moving on to another important man, it will be because he is so proud that I chose so well the man to spend my life with and be the father of my children. Love you Dad!


  1. You are truly blessed, we are so looking forward to seeing you & Ian renew your vows xx

  2. Alaine, I love your wedding photos. You look absolutely beautiful. I hope you have a wonderfully special day when you renew your vows and celebrate 25 years together. It's very special (and also rare) when you find that special person to live and share your life with. Hope you're feeling better too.