Sunday, March 1

Scenic Route

This was a really quick layout I did this morning in about 45 minutes. This was scraplift, unfortunately I have no idea where I found it. Scrap lifting is a great way to get back into scrapping if you haven't done it for a while. The paper is my favourite Scenic Route range and look Jenny, I cut out all the hearts! The layout is of my beautiful daugher and her new husband.


  1. Alaine, this is gorgeous. And the cut out hearts just finish it off beautifully lol...... I have copied these last two and put them in my ideas folder - they're both beautiful.

  2. Thanks Jenny! They are really simple ones and you are right it was worth cutting out. I even thought of you when I was doing it LOL. Reading another great book now so can't do anything until it's finished, it's not an audio, although I've nearly finished another one of those as well.
    It's Anna Campbell's latest, she is an author from up your way!

  3. Another lovely layout, well done using more stuff from your stash!
    I think I'll copy this one too LOL