Saturday, August 9

Week In Review

Don't you just love this saying? Kind of how I feel at the moment!
No real appointments this week, just a doctors appointment to see how the new anti-depressant is going. Don't feel any different so don't know if they are working. This is the third anti-depressant that I've been on since January and none of them have really worked well. Part of me thinks I should just stop taking them and part of me thinks I should wait until after the wedding to make decisions like that.
Had Mackenzie home most of the week with a virus, it's the sickest he's been in a while so he has been pretty cuddly which is nice, we had a trip to the Doctors just to check that it was viral and he didn't need antibiotics. He can't play soccer this weekend but he'll hopefully be well enough to got to the Queensland Roar soccer teams family day tomorrow.
I organised some more wedding stuff, the photographer, the button hole flowers, things like that...little details. I had another look at the photographers work that I'd booked and I panicked because his photos looked like something I could do and I want Kylie and Troy to have beautiful wedding photos. So after a few hours of desperation I found a wonderful photographer who takes beautiful wedding photos and booked him. We are going up to see him in 2 weeks so I'm excited about that. In fact I'm excited about the wedding getting so close, we can't wait, it is going to be such a beautiful day. The girl's are off getting a hair trial and I'm going to have mine on Wednesday.
Got a busy week this week and the boys will be home on Wednesday for Dad's Anniversary because it's a public holiday in Brisbane. Actually we'll all be home, we are going to go to Sheree and Neil's and have some fun. We are going to learn to Jive, Sheree and Neil are going to teach us. So we'll see how I fair this week, I'm feeling OK at the moment but I know with the anniversary this week that could all change.

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