Monday, August 18

Slight Mishap

It was the start of another week, had to take Kylie and Troy's car to the mechanics and had asked Annie to help me. I had to clutch start their car so Annie was reversing this one out for me because I was worried about her being late for work. Well, she missed! Whilst you can't tell in this photo the car was balancing precariously on a brick retaining wall that my daughter was sitting in, minutes before this photo was taken. We have a very steep driveway and even though the hand brake was on, the car would roll back when Annie took her foot of the brake. So after trying desperately to call Ian and just not having a clue what to do I rang emergency, which it could have been it she'd taken her foot off that brake. Well, a few minutes later we had 3 emergency vehicles and a tow truck in our street. They started talking about cranes and then decided they'd just do it themselves. Which they did, these big burly fire fighters pushing and lifting this car off a retaining wall!
Amazingly we took the car to the mechanic and got him to put it up on the hoist to check for damage and they said there wasn't a scratch. Hard to believe after such stress. But don't think badly of Annie's driving this is the second accident in this driveway in the last two weeks. Even the fire fighters said it was a terrible and dangerous drive. Nothing to be done about it though, it's just poorly designed. Even Ian reversed into the side of the retaining wall not long after we moved in, you just can't see.
So it was an exciting start to the week, please hope that it's all boring from here on out for me and mine!

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