Sunday, August 17

Just Like Twins

The journalling reads: "Research shows that the twinship of twins is often born again between a mother and her twinless twin. Anyone who know us, knows how true this is. Sometimes it feels like we are the twins."
This page was inspired by a blog entry my daughter wrote on her blog.
I know that I'm incredibly lucky and every day I am thankful for what I have. But I also know that losing a daughter is one of the most painful of life's experiences, what is still more tragic is to never have another.
My best friend Sheree is one of those Mum's, she is the mother of an angel daughter and two wonderful boys and whilst she has a very close and loving relationship with her sons, sometimes I catch her watching me with my girls and I see the pain in her eyes. I have always seen it, she never says a word, she doesn't have to, I see it clearly. I would do anything to take that pain away, but I know that I can't. So I do the next best thing I can possibly think of, I share my daughters and the highs and lows of their lives. She has become such an important part of their lives that they call her their second Mum. The girls are only a little older than Taleah would have been so she sees everything she's missing out on, and that is how she feels, like she's missing out. Just the way I do when I see twins, you can't change that, it is just the way it is. With Kylie's wedding coming up she jumps in and helps and offers her opinion when we need it and is included in all the special planning that mothers and daughters do for weddings. She is even sitting at our table with us at the wedding, not because that is a reflection of any of our other family members but it is a reflection of the relationship she has built with our girls.
We all love you so much Sheree and you are such an important part of our little cirle of love. You have earned your right to be a part of this circle of love because of your generous and loving ways with us. The girls adore you and a common phrase around her is 'What did Sheree say?' or 'What does Sheree think?' Don't ever let anyone take that away from you, because we know, how important it is to you! Love you Always and Forever, Alaine, Kristianne & Kylie XOXOXO

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  1. I am sitting here crying, you have captured my feelings perfectly. I think you have a beautiful relationship with the girls & I know if Taleah was here that's exactly how I would want our relationship to be. I love Kristianne & Kylie dearly, (I don't think I have to say how much your whole family means to me.) I can't wait to share in the joy as Kylie & Troy get married & I really do treasure the gift I have been given, sharing so much with you & the girls. xx