Wednesday, May 7

Love Long Weekends

This weekend was Labour Day weekend so we had three days off. I love having that extra day off with the family. We went up the coast and spent one night at BF's Sister's property that is set in rolling hills with the most beautiful night sky. It was a little touch of paradise and Ian and I loved it, we always feel so relaxed in the country under a clear night sky. We were there to celebrate the most adorable 5 year old's birthday, she is one of those little girls who loves cuddles, and it just makes you feel so special.
On the way home the traffic was hideous so Kristianne read the new James Patterson novel, Sundays at Tiffany's. She loved it and you can find her review here. So I put aside a very slow historical novel that I'm halfway through to read it. Ian is at the soccer club for a meeting tonight and Annie is making my favourite Chicken Pie for dinner so I am going to sit and read. Lucky me!

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