Tuesday, March 4

What's On Today

My 12 year old son is home with me for 3 days. The grade 7's are on school camp and he did not want to go. We tried to talk him into it but he was adament, they do a lot of height activities and he is really afraid of heights. So we are home together and today I plan on finishing a book we have been reading for a while called Halo. We have 13 chapters to read but I am determined. Whilst this book has been interesting at times I can't wait to finish it so that we can get onto something more enjoyable! I know you have to read your kids books they are interested in, but it has got to have some interest for you as well, otherwise you just don't feel like reading and my sons are usually happy to not read.
If there is any other time left after tidying up and doing some washing I am itching to get back into my scraproom. I was dreaming about scrapbooking last night! That must be a good sign that I am feeling better!

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