Saturday, March 1

The Virgin's Lover

I finished another Philippa Gregory novel. This one was about Queen Elizabeth's who was Anne Boleyn's daughter. It was not written in 1st person like the other two, it is in 3rd, like most novels. I did enjoy it but it really wasn't as informative historically as the other two. It also seemed to just end, it didn't draw any conclusions for the two major charachters. It was a little disappointing. Still a good book but probably only for real Philippa Gregory fans. Anyway, on to the next one, The Constant Princess, which is written in 1st person, and is about Queen Katherine, Henry the VIII's first wife. Sheree (BF) has already read it and says it was good, so I am hopeful.
Might not read this weekend, thinking about scapbooking instead. Got date night tonight with hubby, going to dinner and a movie. Then going to a scrapbook shop sale tomorrow morning with Sheree and then grocery shopping, also got son's soccer game today. Maybe not much time for scrapbooking. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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