Sunday, January 6

A New Year

Well the new year came, but it didn't wipe away all the pain from the old year. I knew it wouldn't, in fact the year saw fit to bring along some new pain, or open up old wound's, not sure which. If 2007 was the year of my father's death, than 2008 will be year that my mother wishes herself to death so that she can join him. I do not blame her for that, nor do I know if she will succeed. In fact I have no idea what this year will bring and I can't control any of it. All I can do is get up each day and love my family with all that I have, give to them as many good memories as I am capable of and help them on their own journey.
This year we have have our first family wedding, which is just amazing, and I will be the 'mother of the bride'! My eldest son will become a teenager and my youngest son has just turned 9, no longer my little boy! I will take many photos this year, something I neglected to do in the last one, and I will get back to my scrapbooking. I will once again find pleasure in the little things, I will remember how lucky I am to have a husband who holds my hand each night when he falls asleep. I will remember how lucky we are to have four wonderful children to love and I will be grateful for them every day! I will be grateful for a best friend who gives me shelter from life's storms, in fact that is where the boys and I are going for a couple of days. For the boys it will be fun with their 'other' brothers, but for me it is for shelter! I will continue to escape to my world of 'Sims' where I get to control a world all of my own!
I hope each person in my family feels loved and cherished and knows how deeply they are loved by me and that I in turn feel their love wrapped around me each and every day and that I am grateful for all of them!

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